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Flavors of your Palate & Dining with Strangers

About Chef Jonil & Flavors of your Palate Mission

Personal Chef Jonil is the eccentric and caring human being who started Flavors of your Palate. Since the age of seven, he has been working hard to perfect his craft. His Caribbean heritage and culinary experiences from around the world stand out in each of his creations. He grew up in New York City and Miami, these two melting pots were his culinary schools. Chef Jonil has a master's degree in Human Services, therefore, he partners with local nonprofit organizations to bring community building efforts to a city or town near you.

Flavors of your Palate's mission is to change the world, one flavor at a time by feeding everyone. Chef Jonil envisions a world where we can all sit at the table and break bread without prejudice or hate. 

About Dining with Strangers (Pop up or by Request)

Chef Jonil created Dining with Strangers (DWS) events because he wanted to be different from the many traditional chefs in the world. DWS events are food centric networking events for adults. It gives strangers the opportunity to learn about one another while having delicious meals and drinks. The purpose of these events is for strangers to cultivate friendships while enjoying a judgment free zone. 

Where do these events take place? 

The events are hosted across Massachusetts. They take place at public venues or Airbnb spaces. If it is requested by a client, they may host the event at their home.

Logistics and food?

Chef Jonil offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The events go on for 3-4 hours.

What happens at these events?

We eat, drink and talk (there are themed evens such as singles night, holidays, LGBTQ+, etc)

Where can I buy tickets?

On this website, Instagram page or

Are these events safe?

Yes, these events are safe! The purpose of DWS is to create awareness, cultivate friendships, eat and drink...anything else will not be tolerated. 

Are there any rules for the Dining with Strangers events? 

The rules are created by the respective groups the day of the event. 

Standard rules: Respect and non judgment is exercised at all times. No refunds. Strangers are encouraged to sign up for future events. Bring your own bottle(s). Must be 21 and older. 


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